Heavenly Bong Hits

My standard warning for people who get offended easily, “Go find something else to read. You won’t like what you find here.”

From time to time I stumble across some things that I would consider outside the norm. With out trying I’ll find a string of Youtube videos that deal with some off the wall conspiracy, or a blog ring that deals with some oddity or an article that deals with some strange subject. I can easily lose an evening or a weekend to some new topic. I don’t like the fact that I end up loosing time to this habit, but it can be great fuel for the imagination.

Sometime ago I came across just such an article in the British Journal Time and Mind about an Israeli Professor who claimed that Moses was high when he wrote the Ten Commandments; or more accurately stated he was probably on psychedelic drugs. (In the article, Professor Shanon lists the reasons why he believes this is the case.  You can read them here if you like.)

We are Never Ever Ever

Jimmy Eat World makes everything better


The first time I watched this I laughed until my sides hurt.

Favorite Character: Jimmy Whispers
Favorite Line: “Now I ask you a question. Do think that they should make I-phones for babies, cause I do?”

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer” first impressions

So after watching this about twenty times, I think I’m in lust with this trailer.

The trailer opens with a SHIELD* Quinjet streaking across the night sky. The camera moves inside the Quinjet, and the scene opens with Agent Romanoff, a.k.a Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansen), having a conversation with Captain America / Steve Rogers (played bye Chris Evans) about his weekend plans. Right off we can see that there’s a change in Captain America. His suit is different from when we last saw him in “The Avengers”. Agent Romanoff suggests a dating prospect to him. He declines her suggestion, and jumps from the plane and sky dives, without a parachute, towards some large body of water; presumably an ocean.

Treehouse of Horror XXIV opening directed by Guillermo del Toro

It’s sad to think that this will be the final year of the Simpsons. The Treehouse of Horrors is always something to look forward to.

This episode will feature: “Oh, The Places You’ll D’oh,”, “The Fat in the Hat.” a Dr. Seuss parody, “Dead and Shoulders.” where a decapitated Bart is forced to live on Lisa’s body, and in “Freaks No Geeks,” it’s a Marge and Homer story where Marge is a trapeze artist and Homer is the strongman in a traveling circus, where sideshow freak Moe puts the moves on Marge.

Heavy Metal 264 First Impressions

So this one is a little late. Actually it’s more than a little late, it’s a lot late. My issue got lost in the mail and I didn’t realize it was late until a couple of weeks later. I contacted Heavy Metal and they were quick to replace it at no extra charge.  Thank you, Heavy Metal!

A warning to anyone reading this, I really try not to give away any of the plot points of the story, but sometimes you can’t help these things. If you worry about this please pick up a copy for your self, read it, come back here and see if you agree with my take on the issue.


First Impressions: Heavy Metal 263

Few things make me as happy as when I go out to the mail box and find a copy of Heavy Metal Magazine.

Issue #263 is here and I’m about to share my first impressions, but before I do let me give warning. I try not let anything slip regarding the stories inside, but sometimes that down right hard to do. If you haven’t read your copy yet and you want to savor each story with out any kind of spoiler, please go read your copy first and then come on back here, read my post, and see if you agree or disagree with what I’m saying.

Image (3)

Heavy Metal #263 Front Cover

Image (4)

Heavy Metal #263 Back Cover

The front cover is by Michael C. Hayes (More of him in this issue) and features a winged warrior woman in golden armor drawing her sword. This piece by Hayes makes for an excellent cover for Heavy Metal #263. A beautiful woman, scantily clad; her golden hair flows down to meet her cloak. The cloak, in turn, flows down and over her wings. It’s hard to make out where each end and the other begins. As you look at the picture you have to ask yourself what is she doing? What is it that she sees, what is it that she’s looking at, is it the almighty? Is this truly an angel? If so, why is she drawing her sword? Is this the fight of the righteous or the first act of a rebellion?

It’s Saturday Morning and we’re playing with our Lego Great Ball Contraptions

One part Rube Goldberg, one part communal engineering project, they might not be pretty, or some times accurate, but they sure are a lot of fun to watch.

The Lego Great Ball Contraption or Lego GBC allows a Lego builder to express their creative side, by creating a interesting way to move marbel sized balls around, while forcing the creater to problem solve and adapt in order to get his/her contraption to, receive balls from, and deliver balls to, their neighbor’s contraption.

Here is are some videos of Lego Great Ball Contraptions I found on YouTube.


First Impressions Heavy Metal 261

Before you start reading, please note I try, seriously try, not to give away anything about the stories, but somethings my slip. So before you read my first impressions of Heavy Metal #261 you may want to read it if first yourself. Then come back here and see if my assessment matches yours. Otherwise, if you don’t mind a couple of accidental spoilers please feel free to read about my first impressions of Heavy Metal #261.


Cover: Simon Bisley, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Bisley

There are few Artist who can take ownership of the Heavy Metal like Simon Bisley. The cover’s subject is an homage to the bride of Frankenstein, with her wild hair and its iconic gray streak at the temple. She is dressed either to do battle in a road warrior esk universe, which is evident by the head of Frankenstein’s monster worn as shoulder pad and the knife blades on one hand a’la Edward Scissor hands, while barbed wire is wrapped around the thigh of one of her legs. Or by the ornamental crucifixes around her neck, the tight leather pants and the extremely tight tube top she is wearing exposing her tattooed mid drift, I say she is on the town ready to party. Or maybe she’s going to do both. She either there to pick a fight while she’s out partying, or pick a party while she’s out fighting.

What’s been in my ears for the past couple of days.